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 Welcome to Bank Services...

 Your Inspection and Payment Risk Mitigation & Management Service



While what we do at Bank Services Inc. is very complex and detailed, our value proposition is quite simple and understandable…
If you are:

● A Commercial Construction Lender
● A Commercial Construction Developer 
● A Commercial Construction Private Investor
● A Residential Construction Private Investor
● A Residential Construction Developer
● A Residential Construction Lender
● A Construction Equity Investor
● A Construction Lending REIT

Bank Services Inc. will verify,  protect,  and disburse  every penny you allocate in a construction project to the appropriate sub-contractor, at the appropriate time, in the appropriate amount. That’s it!
You’ll find out more on this site about how our products DrawView and DrawVision guarantee your construction draws, but we’ve created a leading edge web-based secure solution to mitigate Payment Risk for the Construction Lending Industry.
As you review our web site, you’ll be asked to provide some contact information so we can schedule an appointment to come show you our affordable solution. Please let us know how we might help.